Homes For Sale in Bowmanville, ON

The largest community in the Municipality of Clarington – Bowmanville – is located just 75 km east of Toronto and only 15 km east of Oshawa. It’s home to Canada’s oldest privately-owned zoo, the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and numerous golf courses. As part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the town is surrounded by rural areas in the north, east and west, with Lake Ontario bordering south. Port Darlington, the town's harbour, is located on the northern shore of the lake.

Formerly a farmland, the population of the town has been increasing steadily over the years and now stands around 43,555 people. The rise in population has transformed this once rural area into a bustling commercial center. For those interested in purchasing a home, Bowmanville offers a wide variety of residential and commercial property.

History of Bowmanville:

The first settlers in the area were initially attracted to the farmland and creeks to build water mills and arrived in the early 1800s. The success of the watermills, particularly the Vanstone Mill (which is still standing today) transformed the economy of the town and led to its growth as a centre for business and commerce. With prosperity arrived the grand era of architectural buildings. Many of the town's finest Gothic Revival, Italianate, Colonial Brick and Queen Anne architecture can still be seen in the town's old centre today. Contributing to the town’s rich history is Camp 30 – a Prisoner-of-War (POW) camp for captive German Army officers from the Afrika Korps during World War II. Today, the POW camp is considered to be the last intact camp in Canada.

Bowmanville was incorporated as a town in 1858. In 1974, it was amalgamated with Clarke Township and Darlington Township to form the Town of Newcastle, which is renamed Municipality of Clarington in 1994.

Living in Bowmanville:

Bowmanville is a thriving business and commercial centre. Many residents work for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, which is the town's major employer. The town also has a Goodyear conveyor belt factory and a regional office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). There are plans to connect the town by Southern Ontario's GO Train light rail service to increase the efficiency of public transportation.

Bowmanville has eight elementary schools, two secondary schools, several parks and a provincial park. As previously mentioned, about 25 km north of the town is the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park where minor grand prix and major racing events by CASCAR, NASCAR, the SCCA and the American Le Mans Series are held annually. Since 1961, the town has been holding the Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade which takes place on the third Saturday of November each year.

Real estate in Bowmanville:

Bowmanville has a mixture of modern and classical buildings. The first modern housing developments arrived in the town in the 1950s after the construction of Highway 401. The widening of Highway 401 and Highway 2 in the 1980s brought the next major wave of housing developments. Today, the town has every type of Bowmanville real estate properties suitable for both residential and commercial uses.

With substantial experience in the Bowmanville real estate market, Brian Kondo and his team can help you find the right home for you in the town. Bowmanville is an exciting place to live in, and finding your dream home here is just a phone call away. Call Brian Kondo today to get started on your home search in Bowmanville!

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