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Clarington is a municipality at the eastern end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Until 1993 it was known as the Town of Newcastle, but it was renamed in 1994 to remove confusion with a village of the same name (now a town) which lies within its borders. The largest community in the municipality is Bowmanville, which is also home to its municipal offices.

Besides Bowmanville, the main urban communities in the municipality are Courtice, Newcastle and Orono. These towns are surrounded by over a dozen rural communities, farmlands and forests. According to the 2011 census, Clarington has a population of 84,548 people. It’s also one of the municipalities in the GTA with the highest proportions of residents who speak English as their mother tongue, at 91 per cent. Having both urban and rural communities, homes for sale in Clarington consist of many fine real estate properties suitable for all kinds of uses, including residential, commercial and industrial.

History of Clarington

Much of the area that now comprises the Municipality of Clarington was settled in the early 1800s by migrants from Europe and elsewhere in North America. The early settlers were attracted by the fertile farmlands and excellent creeks to build watermills. By the 1850s, the then villages of Bowmanville, Newcastle and Port Darlington had grown into a local business and commercial centre. During the 19th century, many fine buildings were built in the area, including those based on Gothic Revival, Colonial Brick, Queen Anne and Italianate architectures, many of which are still standing today in the old parts of its towns and villages.

In 1973, the town of Bowmanville and the townships of Clarke and Darlington along with their surrounding rural areas were amalgamated to create the Town of Newcastle. But the newly created municipality already had a village of the same name in it, so it was renamed in 1994 to remove the confusion and thus got its present name.

Living in Clarington:

Clarington is a great place to live and raise a family, as there are lots of employment opportunities, community and cultural events, and venues for entertainment and recreational activities. There are also many schools, colleges, libraries and museums, theatres and cineplexes. The Bowmanville Zoo is the oldest privately run zoo in Canada and the old parts of the town are a part of a living history themselves. Major events in the municipality include the Canadian Historic Grand Prix and other exciting races at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville. The annual Clarington Winter WonderLearn Festival and Long Sault Flyers Annual Scale Rally are events that you can attend with your whole family.

The four urban areas of Clarington are surrounded by rural villages, farmlands, forests, streams, hills and Lake Ontario. Because of the increase in business and commercial activities, several new housing and infrastructure development projects are in progress to accommodate the rapidly growing population and cater to their needs. The municipality is well connected by highways, railways and waterways.

Real estate in Clarington:

Having both well developed urban areas and sparsely populated rural areas, there are lots of fine real estate properties for all kinds of uses. Whether you’re looking for a single family home, condo or commercial building in the towns or a beautiful country house in the villages, you will find one to suit your taste in Clarington.

With substantial experience in the Clarington real estate market, Brian Kondo and his team can help you find the right home for you anywhere in the municipality. Clarington is an exciting place to live in and finding your dream home here is just a phone call away. Call Brian Kondo today to get started on your home search in Clarington, Ontario.

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